Kandi – salt cellar cat


The Kandi salt cellar is the work of the artist Jasmina Verbič. It is made of quality clay, so it is fired at high temperatures for several days, which means that it is safe to use in the dishwasher and microwave.

The product is unique, so there is only one such salt pan in stock as in the picture.



Kandi – varied and surprising

Kandi is a rotated collection, hand-crafted at the end, and special paintings with engobes and underglaze colors make it special. Jasmina chooses interesting motifs and interprets them in her own way. The whole effect of ceramics of unusual shapes is most pronounced in its own ambience, together with other unusual or retro elements in the space.

The Kandi salt cellar is hand-made on a spindle and hand-painted, so it is unique and it is possible to buy only one such piece as in the picture. If you contact us, you can order several identical pieces that will be very similar.

It is suitable for salt, sugar or snacks, but you can use it as a decorative piece in your apartment.

Additional information

Weight 0.40 kg
Dimensions 8 × 12 cm