Wooden glasses – TS XI


Tishler wooden glasses are handmade in Bled in the immediate vicinity of our store. They consist of six layers of wood and are equipped with high quality ALCOM lenses, which offer sharp and clear vision with 100% protection against UV rays.

Important: Due to the quality of the glasses, all lenses are interchangeable, so we can insert corrective lenses by agreement or just send you a frame.

Warranty: 3 years



Wooden glasses TISHLER

At Tishler, we strive to offer you not only the best products in the world, but also the best products in the world, with a special focus on environmental and social impact throughout the life cycle. By combining digital and analog technology, they have become “digital artisans”. Design, prototyping or. the production of complete glasses enables them to innovate, adapt and at the same time maintain a high standard of quality. All these components have enabled them to make wooden glasses that have all the properties and even more than glasses made of other materials, but they are also:

One of TISHLER’s core values ​​is sustainability. They achieved this value in the early stages of designing all of their products.
They achieve this by:
– timber harvested from forests through sustainable management
-lens supplied and manufactured by ALCOM Kranj, based only 20 KM from their workshop in Bled,
– the protective case is of high quality and made of waste material

Tishler glasses are designed and manufactured for everyday use. Due to their unique blend of technology and materials, the glasses are extremely durable. Therefore, they offer a 3-year warranty on the frame.

Equipped with high quality lenses
All Tishler frames can be equipped with sunscreen lenses, either by prescription, or a combination of both. High quality lenses are provided by ALCOM, which offer sharp and clear vision with 100% protection against UV rays.

Each Tishler goggles are equipped with a pair of quality spring hinges. Combined with the softness and lightness of the wood, they ensure a perfect and comfortable fit throughout the day.

Their frames weigh up to 40% less than the same frames made of other materials.

Because all Tishler frames are handmade, they can also be adjusted to the shape and size of your face. If you think you have a special face shape, contact us.

After a few years, you still have a new pair of glasses, but with a story you can tell. Due to the natural characteristics of wood, all their glasses can be restored and repaired. Just as they would renovate and repair an old wooden rocking chair, so they can repair and restore their glasses. The lenses are removed, the frame is repaired and sanded and coated with a mixture of natural oils and they will look like new.

With a combination of old workmanship and modern technology, they have become “digital artisans”. Design, prototyping and production in vital stages allows them to innovate, adapt and
while maintaining a high standard of quality and value.

At Tishler, they use the knowledge of old craftsmen and combine it with the technology of the new era, which enables the production of the BEST GLASSES FOR THE WORLD.

They want only the best for the world and the best for the world means the best for you. This is why they use only the best components in making their products.

Tishler glasses are made of 5 basic components

Sail – birch
Every product needs a strong core. At least 6 layers of birch provide the frame with strength and durability. The birch used for the core of the glasses comes from restored forest surfaces, which is why the frames have properties such as lightness, flexibility and durability. In the past, birch was used to build airplanes. Even if the glasses sometimes fly, they usually don’t hurt.

The forest
Their mission is to create the BEST PRODUCTS FOR THE WORLD, which is why the wood they use for their products is from sustainably managed forests.

High quality springs
The frame is equipped with high quality springs to ensure a long-lasting tight and comfortable fit.

Tishler wooden glasses are equipped with high-quality ALCOM lenses, which offer sharp and clear vision with 100% protection against UV rays.

ALCOM is our national lens manufacturer and is located only 20 km from their workshop in Bled. This gives them access to professionals with more than 30 years of experience and state-of-the-art technology to ensure that all of their high-precision lenses are built into the glasses.

Natural protection
For the final protection of the glasses, they have teamed up with AURO from Germany, which is a leading manufacturer of natural paints and organic coatings. A 25-year presence in the market gives them many years of experience in creating coatings that are safe for both the world and you.