About us

In our family Mikame shop and gallery we want to present useful objects of arts and crafts from various materials by renowned Slovenian authors who have a certificate of quality from the chamber of crafts. You can buy unique jewelry, woolen soaps, various wood products, Slovenian honey and liqueurs, knitted scarves by renowned designer Ksenija Baraga, handmade wooden glasses, spinning tops for children and adults, magnets and postcards for tourists, and of course the most interesting ceramic creations. from potter Jasmina Verbič, my mother, who has her own pottery studio in Bled behind the hill below the castle. Everything on the shelves is made with heart, it is the product of many years of search, effort and sacrifice. We can say that everything is made with golden hands. In the online store, the offer is on a slightly smaller scale, as most designers and artisans already have their own online stores, so we decided to offer only products made on our website that are made by our family and friends.

The owner of the gallery, Jakob Ribnikar, makes wooden boards for cutting and serving, unique bird houses, origami jewelry and geometry, for which he was inspired by the Japanese art of folding paper into a certain sculpture. character, and graphic design of updated traditional national motifs, which he includes in gift products made in Slovenia, such as socks from the collection of Mikame and Emo Celje cups and pots.

Jasmina has been involved in pottery for more than two decades. She used to be seen every week at the ceramic market in Ljubljana. Together with other members of the Association of Potters and Ceramics, she often exhibited in Slovenia and also across the border in Austria and Italy. She enjoys contact with visitors and these experiences have largely shaped her product lines. Or as she describes it: “For each product, I see in advance who it is intended for. I experiment a lot with materials, shapes and motifs. They say my style has evolved into a unique blend of modern design with visible retro elements. They tease me that these are no longer just jugs, cups, bowls and figurines, but miniature installations. Joke aside, they are very useful in any room ”. The products from her workshop are always original and, regardless of the stylistic diversity of her creations, they can be easily recognized in specialized shops in the centers of Slovenian tourist destinations. Especially in idyllic Bled, where we have the Mikame family gallery on the Bled promenade and the studio behind the castle hill. She is precise in her work and production and uses the best clay and paints and tested glazes for her products.

There are also some high quality products by renowned Slovenian designers, such as handmade wooden glasses, wooden butterflies, watercolors by Ajda Primožič and all kinds of wooden spinning tops.

We decided to open our familiy shop in 2014, when my Jasmina made business gifts for Hotel Park in Bled and the hotel management was so enthusiastic about gifts, creativity and professionalism that they offered us a business space on the Bled promenade. Even today, we are happy and proud to have supported Slovenian modern design and products that are made locally. In all these years, we have gained many regular customers, especially from tourists from abroad and Slovenia, who return to Bled every year also because of our store. After a few years, due to demand and interest, we decided to offer our products online.

We wish you many pleasant purchases!