Privacy policy

The general terms and conditions of the Mikama online store have been compiled in accordance with the Consumer Protection Act (ZVPot), the Personal Data Protection Act (ZVOP-1) and the Electronic Communications Act (ZEKom-1).

The online store Mikame (hereinafter also »the store is managed by the company Jakob Ribnikar sp, Cegelnica 18, 4202 Naklo, registration number: 6876714000, tax number: SI90093356, which is also a provider of e-commerce services (hereinafter also the seller or online store Mikame. )

The General Terms and Conditions determine the operation of the Mikame online store, the rights and obligations of the user and the store, and regulate the business relationship between the Mikame store and the customer. The General Terms and Conditions also regulate the individual rules of purchase at the collection point of the Mikame store.

The buyer is bound by the general conditions that are valid at the time of purchase (placing an online order). When placing an order, the user is reminded of the general terms and conditions of business and confirms his acquaintance with them by placing an order. The general terms and conditions are also available at the collection point of the Mikame store.


The purchase contract between the Mikame store and the customer is concluded in the Mikame online store at the moment when the mikama store sends the customer the first electronic message about the status of his order (with the title: confirmation of receipt of the order). From this moment on, all prices and other conditions are fixed and apply to both the Mikame store and the customer. The buyer is a person with the data as stated when placing the order. It is not possible to change customer data later.

The sales contract (i.e. the first electronic order status message) is stored electronically on the Mikame store server.

Registered and unregistered users can shop in the Mikame store.
The shopping cart overview is available to the user while browsing the online store. Before placing an order, the customer is given a comprehensive overview of the order and also the option to move back through the online order and remove any products.
The registered and unregistered user receives a summary of the order with his order to his e-mail address.
The Mikame store will store the content of orders from registered and unregistered users.


After placing the order, the buyer receives a summary of the order by e-mail and a notification that the order has been accepted into the provider’s information system.


The order goes into further processing and receives the status “in processing”. The bidder reviews the order, checks the availability of the ordered items and confirms the order or rejects it with a reason. We try to keep the stock of products in the online store up to date, but because with physical outlets and the uniqueness of the products, errors can occur and the product can be purchased at the same time, it may happen that the desired product is not in stock. In this case, we will do our best to ensure the availability of the product or return the purchase price. The bidder may call the buyer on his contact telephone number to verify the data or ensure the accuracy of the delivery.


The bidder prepares, dispatches the goods within the agreed deadline and after receiving payment via proforma invoice, and notifies the buyer by e-mail. After the package is sent, the order receives the status “completed”. The buyer receives an invoice for the purchased goods, which is attached to the shipment.


Customer or the customer at the Mikame online store can choose between the following payment methods:

cash on delivery
Cash in Advance
payment via paypal system
payment upon personal collection at the Mikame store


The price of standard delivery (to home in 2-5 days) of a small package is € 3.90 (package weight less than 2kg), and a large package € 5.90 (package weight more than 2kg).
Pošta Slovenije delivers small and large packages for us.
For partial delivery, we will divide your order into several shipments. Items in stock will be shipped immediately and the rest when available. If you decide for partial delivery, we will charge you the cost of delivery for each shipment separately.
You can pick up the shipment in person or pick it up on your behalf by a proxy, legal representative or trustee.
If you are not at the stated address at the time of delivery, Pošta Slovenije will send you a message with instructions on where you can pick up the package or. who you can contact to have the package delivered to you again.
You will receive an invoice for your order within 24 hours to your e-mail address with which you placed your online order.
The Mikame store reserves the right to divide the order into several shipments due to the different delivery times of the items in the order. In this case, we deliver the ordered items individually in several shipments.


The user (buyer) has the right to contact the Mikame store via the e-mail address within 14 days from the day of receipt of the ordered products and inform that he withdraws from the sales contract, without having to state the reason for such a decision. The return of purchased products to the Merchant within the deadline for withdrawal from the sales contract is considered a notice of withdrawal. The only cost borne by the user (buyer) due to the withdrawal from the sales contract is the cost of returning the products to the Merchant.

Purchased products must be returned to the Mikame store immediately or no later than within 14 days from the date of submission of the notice of withdrawal from the sales contract. Purchased products must be returned to the store undamaged, in unaltered quantity, unless the products are destroyed, damaged, lost or their quantity has decreased without the fault of the user (buyer).

For returned products, the Mikame store returns the paid amount or used gift voucher to the user (buyer) as soon as possible, but no later than within 14 days of receiving the notice of withdrawal. The store returns the received payments to the user (buyer) with the same means of payment as used by the user (buyer), unless the user has explicitly requested the use of another means of payment and if the user does not bear any costs as a result. The used gift voucher is returned by the Merchant in the form of a credit.

Although we always act in good faith, errors can occur when making changes to a website. The Mikame store is committed to correcting the detected defect as soon as possible.

The Mikame store carefully packs all products in a delivery box before shipping. All products are undamaged and carefully inspected before packaging.


The Mikame store undertakes to permanently protect all personal data of the user in accordance with Regulation (EU) 2016/679 of the European Parliament and of the Council of 27 April 2016 and ZVOP-1.

The user must be aware that he is obliged to provide the personal trader with his personal data in the correct and true form, and he is also obliged to inform the online trader about the change of his data. By accepting these conditions, the user confirms that the personal data provided by him are correct.

What personal data do we process?

If you use our services, we collect various types of your information, such as your username and password, your contact information and other settings. We follow what items you view in our online store, through which device and which of our offers sent via e-mail, you were interested. Based on this, we create additional information so that we can provide you with offers of your choice and so that we can further improve our online store and services in the future. If you make a purchase or create an account with us, we also process your name and surname, your orders and the data you set up in your account.

We process the following personal data:

identification data, which mainly includes the name and surname, username and password and VAT ID, if you are a legal entity;
contact information, which includes personal information that may be used to contact you, in particular your e-mail address, telephone number, delivery address, billing address and your social media profiles;
your settings, which include information about your account, especially saved delivery addresses, profiles, newsletter subscriptions, loyalty program memberships, shopping lists, wanted items (“I’m interested”, “follow the price”), your ratings and comments about items and services;
information about your orders, which mainly includes information about the ordered items and the method of payment, including the bank account number, and information about complaints;

Why do we process your personal data?

We process your personal data in different situations for different purposes. If you visit the websites of our online store, where we also use cookies, we use your data primarily to determine the number of visitors and improve our services. If you are registered with us, we use your information to manage your account and provide related functionality. If you make a purchase from us, we use your information to process your order, protect our legal claims and meet our legal obligations. With the help of your contact information and other information, we can display and send you our customized offers at the same time.

From what sources do we obtain your personal information?

We usually obtain your personal data directly from you through our online store or by communicating with you. We can also get some other information from our e-news.

We mostly process personal data that you provide to us directly as part of ordering items and services, during the creation and use of an account or when communicating with us. We also obtain personal information directly from you by monitoring your online habits while browsing our online store or reading our messages.

What are your rights?

You have a number of rights in connection with your personal information. These include the right of access, review, deletion and restrictions on processing, transfer, objection and appeal. Just as we have our rights and obligations regarding the processing of your personal data, you also have certain rights in connection with the processing of your personal data.

Simply put, you have the right to know what information we collect about you, for what purposes and for how long, where we obtain your personal information, to whom we pass it on, who processes it besides us and what your other rights are in connection with the processing of your personal data.

You can submit a request for the complete deletion of your personal data from our system in the following ways, and you must clearly state the content of your request:

in the e-news, click on the “unsubscribe” link in the footer;
send a written request by e-mail with the note “Logout”;
send a written request by regular mail to the address Mikama Store and Gallery, Cesta svobode 15, 4260 Bled with the annotation “Unsubscribe”;

Right of appeal

The exercise of the above rights in no way affects your right to lodge a complaint with the competent authority. You can exercise this right in particular if you suspect that we are processing your personal data unjustifiably or in contravention of generally binding legal regulations. You can complain about the data processing performed by us at or call the telephone number 040 686 864.

The Mikame store complies with applicable consumer protection laws. We make every effort to fulfill our duty to ensure an effective complaint handling system.

We are aware that an essential feature of consumer disputes is the disproportion between the economic value of the claim and the time and costs incurred in resolving the dispute, which is also the main obstacle to the consumer not initiating a dispute in court. We therefore strive to the best of our ability to resolve any disputes amicably.

We wish you many pleasant purchases!