Wooden bowtie – walnut


The wooden bowtie (walnut) is handmade in Bled in the Tishler workshop by the lake made of Slovenian wood. The set includes an adjustable length strap around the neck and three different center straps that you can change.

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Wooden bowtie – Tishler

Wooden bowtie are different, interesting and have become increasingly popular in recent years. It is a fashion accessory that is an alternative to classic bow ties and ties. Tishler’s collection of bowties is especially interesting because the middle ribbon is not fixed or you can replace it when sewn. In the set with the bowtie, you receive black, white and brown, so you decide for yourself which one you will attach to best suit your clothes and shoes.

Wooden bowties are handmade from different pieces of wood, so the product you will order may differ slightly from the butterfly in the photo. If you contact us, we will be happy to send you pictures of all the bowties that are available on the shelves of our store in Bled.

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