Gift set – fox

Original price was: 38,80 €.Current price is: 34,90 €.

The fox gift set includes Origami earrings and a cup by the potter Jasmina Verbič (3 dcl) fox. The cup is made of quality clay, so it is fired for several days at high temperatures, which means that it is safe to use in the dishwasher and microwave. The earrings are hand-painted and engraved from Slovenian wood.



Paints and glazes are made of natural materials, so it is suitable for drinking tea, cocoa, milk or your morning white coffee, but you can also use it as a decorative piece in your apartment.

Kandi – varied and surprising

Kandi is a rotated collection, hand-crafted at the end, and special paintings with engobes and underglaze colors make it special. He chooses interesting motifs and interprets them in his own way. The whole effect of ceramics of unusual shapes is most pronounced in its own ambience, together with other unusual or retro elements in the space.

The Kandi cup is handmade on a spindle and hand-painted, so the product you will order may differ slightly from the cup in the photo. If you contact us, we will be happy to send you pictures of all the cups available on the shelves of our store in Bled.

Features of the Origami collection:

Comfortable to wear
Made of Slovenian wood
They have surgical steel on the back
The paints are certified (SIST EN 71-3), which proves that the product is environmentally friendly